Fort Worth divorce lawyer: Why you should have one in Tarrant County

IF you are seeking a divorce, I am an experienced Fort Worth divorce lawyer who can help you with many of the hurdles in your way.

As a Fort Worth divorce lawyer, a large part of my job is knowing the many family court judges and associate judges of Tarrant County. Each court has different rules and preferences with regard to court procedure. People who represent themselves often don’t know these rules and preferences. When they act outside of the suggested guidelines, they give the judge a negative impression of them and, by extension, their case.

In addition, I know how the individual judges usually rule on certain issues. I use this knowledge to enhance mediation and other settlement talks. I often am able to help my clients avoid the cost, in both time and money, of a court procedure.

It also can’t be understated how useful it is to know the many other people—attorneys, case workers, mediators, court coordinators, etc.—one may encounter in a divorce. A person representing themselves will probably not know each individual’s personality and the best way to work with that individual.

I have made my office easily accessible on the east side of town so those seeking an strong, compassionate Fort Worth divorce lawyer can have easy access to me. Of course, I am also available to my clients by e-mail and phone. I provide each client with my cell phone number so they don’t have to worry about reaching me in times of need.

I love empowering my clients by providing assistance with understanding all of my clients’ legal options as they pertain to divorce.

I know this process can be one of the most difficult problems of your life. I am ready to help. To learn more about my services as a Fort Worth divorce lawyer and what I can do for you today, call my office at 682-234-2006 to schedule your free initial consultation.