Fort Worth Wills: Convenience Is Important

Close up of a WillWhy should you want Fort Worth Wills, not Dallas ones.

It’s almost the end of the year, and I know that one common New Year’s resolution is having one’s will prepared. You know it should be done and you may tell your friends that you know it needs to get done, but you just never actually do it.

I believe that one of the main reasons people put off doing their will is that it is just not convenient. I hate doing something if it needlessly takes up my valuable time, so I tried to address my clients’ similar feelings.

Convenient Location

When I opened my law office, I seriously considered locating it in a building in downtown Fort Worth. I decided, however, on locating my office on the east side of Fort Worth to be as convenient as possible for my clients.

Unlike many offices downtown, I am able to offer free parking at a  on the I-30 service road, which is easily found because it is the only multi-stored building in the area. After parking, my clients just have to enter a elevator in the lobby and get off on the third floor, where a receptionist will immediately greet them.

Like many people, I hate having to waste my time searching for parking, walking downtown streets to make sure I have found the right building, and then not being able to figure out where in the building I need to go. Why should we put ourselves through that waste of time and energy?

Convenient Timing

In addition, I am usually able to complete my clients’ estate planning needs in only two office visits: one in which I learn what they want and another in which they execute (i.e., sign) their documents. Time is valuable for all of us, and there is no reason to waste it on office visits where little would get accomplished.

Happy Clients

Many times my clients are surprised at how easy the process actually was. That, combined with the peace of mind they have now that their interests are protected, often makes them blurb out something like, “I can’t believe I waited so long. This really wasn’t bad at all.”

Not only are my clients happy, but I love knowing that my clients’ loved ones will be protected by the documents I have drafted.

I know the process of preparing a will is one that most people do not look forward to. Why not make it as convenient as possible for you?

To learn more about my services as a preparer of Fort Worth wills and to see what I can do for you, call my office at 682-234-2006 to schedule your free consultation.