Affordable Family Law Attorney

Many clients quite reasonably worry about the cost of divorce, or other legal fees, and fear that they cannot afford an attorney during their times of need. Because I keep my overhead costs as low as possible, I am able to pass on considerable savings to my clients, with lower-than-average, affordable rates.

Do you know the “normal” hourly rate for an attorney?

The Laffey Matrix fee schedule gives $290 as the appropriate hourly rate in 2013 for an attorney with four to seven years. The article “The State of Rates” published in Texas Lawyer in 2012 listed an hourly rate of $268 for a fourth-year associate in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

Too many people go it alone without a lawyer in Texas family courts, and as a result, they sometimes need help “correcting” what they did on their own , a prospect that is difficult and time-consuming, if not impossible.

Low-Cost Family Law Services

As an affordable family law attorney, I am passionate about offering low-cost, high-quality legal services. I believe that my clients should never have to worry about getting a fair deal because they did not outspend their spouse for attorney fees.

I offer payment plans as well as flat-fee legal services in applicable cases. I also engage in “limited-scope representation,” where appropriate, in which the client and I for a partnership and discuss what they can reasonably afford and tailor my services accordingly. In addition, I offer a Moderate Means Program, with a reduction of 25% to 75% of my regular hourly rate.