Many clients quite reasonably worry about the cost of divorce, or other family law cases, and fear that they cannot find an affordable attorney during their times of need. Because I keep my overhead costs as low as possible, I am able to pass on considerable savings to my clients, with reasonable and affordable rates.

First, what do other attorneys charge…

What Is the “Normal” Hourly Rate for an Attorney?

The Laffey Matrix is a fee schedule used by many United States courts since 1982 for determining the proper hourly rates for professional legal work. According to the Matrix, an appropriate hourly rate in 2013 for an attorney with four to seven years of experience is $290 an hour.

In addition, an 2012 article published in Texas Lawyer, “The State of Rates,” listed an hourly rate of $268 for a fourth-year associate in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

Self-Representing Parties May Not Have What It Takes

Considering that the average middle-class client makes $25 an hour, it isn’t surprising that a high percentage, up to 80% according to various surveys across the country, of the people in family court are without legal representation. That should be a matter of great concern because whether you’re drawing up a will or getting a divorce, it’s not advisable to take care of legal matters without a lawyer. You need someone who understands Texas laws to help you navigate the paperwork and bureaucracy at affordable rates.

Too often, I see people in my office who need help “correcting” what they did on their own in court, an endeavor that can be difficult and time-consuming, if not impossible under the law. I hate to see a person shaking his head in sadness and disgust when he realizes how much money he could have saved if I had worked with him from the beginning of his case.

Low-Cost Family Law Services

I am passionate about offering affordable rates for family law services. I believe that my clients should never have to worry about getting a fair deal because they did not outspend their spouse for attorney fees. I also believe that affordable does not mean less competent. It means I am committed to quality legal representation and fairness for everyone.

To that end, I offer payment plans, as well as flat-fee legal services in applicable cases. I can also provide “limited-scope representation” where appropriate, in which the client and I form a partnership and discuss what they can reasonably afford and we tailor my services accordingly; for example, “is it better for me to fill out the form, or is it better for me to just review it and go with you to the hearing?”