Individuals who live in Arlington and want a divorce will probably file for divorce in Tarrant County.

Case Strategies Adapted for Arlington Divorce Clients

Arlington Divorce Clients usually file at the Tarrant County

The Tarrant County Family Law Center in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, is the setting for most divorce hearings and trials in Tarrant County. These hearings and trials are heard by six District Court Judges, as well as their Associate Judges. Because each judge has his or her own options about various issues, my job is to know how each judge will often rule in a particular fact situation. With my specialized knowledge, I help my clients get the best results in the most cost- and time-efficient manner possible. The district clerk assigns the cases randomly to a particular court, and I adopt my strategy and advice accordingly.

Previously Self-Represented Arlington Divorce Clients

A pro se litigant is one who represents himself/herself in court. Often clients will come to me because their previous attempt to represent themselves in court did not go as well as they expected. A person who is representing himself/herself without any knowledge of legal procedure or of a particular court is at a disadvantage. Most lawyers like to see a pro se party on the other side because a pro se litigant does not know how to get documents admitted into evidence, does not know the court’s required procedures, and does not know how a judge is likely to rule. Pro se litigants often waste time needlessly in front of the judge.

How Arlington Divorce Clients Can Protect Their Interests

You can help yourself by speaking with an attorney early in the process if you are considering a divorce or if one has already been filed. My job as an attorney is to use my specialized information to help you make informed decisions. This is important because your financial and legal decisions will impact your family for years.

I believe in helping my clients with strong, but compassionate, representation. I use my legal knowledge to serve my clients’ best interests. I return phone calls and e-mails. I listen to questions and concerns. I provide straight answers, with attention to detail. I want my clients to finish their divorce with their futures, rights, and personal well-being intact. My clients are individuals, not case numbers.

Fees and Payments for Arlington Divorce Clients

I strongly believe that good, first-rate legal representation should be available at an affordable, reasonable price. I understand that finances are usually an important concern in a divorce. I offer, as a result, several financial payment options for uncontested and contested divorces.