Individuals who live in Bedford and want a divorce will probably file for divorce in Tarrant County.

Case Strategies Adapted for Bedford Divorce Clients

FamilyLawCenter2Most divorce hearings and trials in Tarrant County are held in downtown Fort Worth at the Tarrant County Family Law Center. In Tarrant County, we have six District Courts, each with its own district judge and an associate judge. When a case is filed, the district clerk assigns it to a particular court. This is where having a lawyer experienced at practicing in Tarrant County is important. Each judge approaches cases in his or her own way. As a lawyer with experience in Tarrant County, I know how to approach each judge. This knowledge helps me get my clients the best results in the most cost- and time-efficient manner possible.

Previously Self-Represented Bedford Divorce Clients

Sometime people want to represent themselves in court. They are called “pro se” litigants. It is difficult for a pro se litigant to achieve great success because that person is not familiar with legal procedure, let alone the views and rules of a particular court. A judge is not allowed to make concessions for those individuals who represent themselves; they are still required to meet all the same standards as parties with lawyers. Often when things do not go as they expected, individuals will come to me for legal representation for the rest of their case. Although it can be difficult, I help these clients get their case back on the right path.

How Bedford Divorce Clients Can Protect Their Interests

All individuals considering a divorce should help themselves by speaking with an attorney early in the process. You should also speak with an attorney if a divorce action has been filed against you. I take pride in using my legal knowledge and experience to help my clients make informed decisions that will impact their financial and legal future for years.

I serve my clients’ best interests by providing strong, but compassionate, representation. I return phone calls and e-mails promptly. I listen to my clients’ questions and concerns. I give straight answers, with attention to detail. I want my clients to finish their divorce with their futures, rights, and personal well-being intact. My clients are individuals, not case numbers.

Fees and Payments for Bedford Divorce Clients

I provide good, first-rate legal representation at an affordable, reasonable price. Because I understand that finances are often an important concern in a divorce, I offer several financial payment options for uncontested and contested divorces.