Divorce need not be hostile or unduly painful for the family.

For spouses who plan to work things out and just need an attorney to guide them through the process, I offer an flat fee package for $895, not including court fees. This package includes advice, drafting the appropriate documents, filing, and limited in-court representation. I will meet with you and guide you through this process, so please call me today at 682-234-2006 or email me to schedule your free initial consultation.

An uncontested divorce is not appropriate in every situation. In order for this to succeed, you and your spouse must agree on the division of property and debts, as well as the child support and visitation for any children.

Most uncontested divorces do not involve court hearings or trials. The parties are amicable enough to focus on resolution. My job is to be an effective guide throughout the process and help my clients reach their goals.

I also ensure that the final decree of divorce is appropriate for the parties’ situation. I do not supply generic “fill-in-the-blank” decrees. I also personally prepare all other necessary documents (such as deeds, vehicle transfer documents, retirement division orders).

If you have any questions about the process and about how I can help, let me know.