Many people have about questions about child support in Texas. Below are some answers to some common questions.

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What does it mean when a judge refers to a person as a “deadbeat”?

A “deadbeat” parent is one who has not been paying his or her court-ordered child support payments.

What is “contempt”?

Contempt is the process of filing an action against an individual for unpaid child support and alleging that the person is in contempt of court. If the contempt charge is successful, the “deadbeat” parent may be put in jail by the judge.

In order to avoid jail, many individuals miraculously find the money to pay some or all of the past-due child support. Sometimes the judge will also order the “deadbeat” parent to reimburse the custodial parent for any attorney fees.

I have lost my job and am unable to make my regular child support payments. What should I do?

You should file a Motion of Modify Child Support as soon as possible. Until the court changes the amount of your child support, you will be expected to pay the regular full amount. If you don’t pay the full amount, you may be found in contempt.

Are there statutes of limitation on child support amounts still owed?

 There are some protections provided the child support payor by law. That is why it is best to bring an action as soon as possible. However, there are interesting twists regarding the law in this area, so always check with a lawyer who knows this area of the law before giving up. You might be able to collect money that you thought was impossible to collect.

My divorce was decades ago and the other party is unemployed. What can I do?

 There is a recent case, in 2009, in which the divorce was granted in 1972. The kids were over 40 years old. The custodial parent came away satisfied, having been paid a large amount of money. You never know what is possible unless you discuss the case with a lawyer. It is sometimes tough, but it is often possible to collect money that is long overdue and you had given up on.