If you want to get a divorce and you live in Fort Worth, you will probably file for divorce in Tarrant County.

Fort Worth Divorce Clients Usually File at the Tarrant County Family Law CenterCase Strategies Adapted for Fort Worth Divorce Clients

Most hearings and trials for divorce cases in Tarrant County take place at the Tarrant County Family Law Center in downtown Fort Worth. There are six District Court Judges, as well as their Associate Judges, at the Tarrant County Family Law Center. A large part of my job is knowing how each of these individuals often rules on certain issues. Because I know the judges, I can counsel my clients to help them get the best results in the most cost- and time-efficient manner possible. I adapt my strategy and advice to the court that has been assigned the case by the district clerk.

Previously Self-Represented Fort Worth Divorce Clients

Sometimes my clients have already tried to represent themselves in a divorce hearing in front of judge, usually an associate judge. They come to me because they were not successful in court. A person who represents himself/herself in court is called a pro se litigant.

These individuals are often uncertain about the required procedures, are unable to get documents admitted into evidence, and are surprised by the judge’s rulings. To be honest, most lawyers like to see a pro se party on the other side.

How Fort Worth Divorce Clients Can Protect Their Interests

Individuals contemplating or responding to a divorce should speak with an attorney early in the process. An attorney helps you understand financial and legal issues so you can evaluate the options available to you. Decisions made in these areas will impact you and your family for years. As an attorney, my job is to help you make informed decisions based on accurate, specialized information.

My clients understand the importance of working with someone who knows the law and has their best interest in mind. I help men and women through difficult times by serving my clients with personal attention and good, strong representation. I return phone calls. I listen carefully to my clients’ questions and concerns. I pay attention to details. I provide straight answers. Clients who work with me come through their divorce with their futures, their rights, and their personal well-being intact. My clients are not simply another case number.

Fees and Payments

I pride myself on providing clients with a high rate of service at an affordable price. I understand that financial situations vary during the divorce process. Therefore, I have created several financial payment options for uncontested and contested divorces.