Advance Directives, or “Living Wills,”¬†protect an individual’s right to make their own healthcare and financial choices and prevents unnecessary suffering for families who may struggle with these decisions later on.

I take pride in providing the service of drafting Advance Directives to Physicians because I know that it will help protect my clients when they are unable to act for themselves.

The Advance Directives to Physicians is also known as an Advance Health Care Directive or a “Living Will.” The Advance Directives to Physicians is a written statement of an individual’s health care and medical wishes that is used to express those desires if the individual is unable, due to injury or incapacity, to express them himself. This document does not appoint another person to make health care decisions.

Many people do not have a Living¬†Will because they believe it is too soon to think about “that stuff.” Unfortunately, car accidents happen; heart attacks happen.

Too often, I receive calls from family members when a loved one is comatose or suffering from dementia. Remember, Living Wills are designed to protect your wishes when you are unable to make them known. Waiting until there is a problem before executing estate planning documents is like waiting until there is an accident before obtaining car insurance.

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