Below are questions many people have about advance directives, or a “living will” in Texas. If you have any additional questions or need more information, please call me today at 682-234-2006 or email me to schedule your free initial consultation.

Can having advance directives affect my life insurance, health insurance or the benefits I receive from a governmental benefits program?


Can my life insurance company, health insurance company, physician, hospital, nursing home or any other healthcare facility require me to have advance directives?


Who should have a copy of my advance directives?

You should give a copy to your primary healthcare representative, alternate healthcare representative(s), family members and physicians. If you are treated at a hospital or enter a nursing home, you should also provide a copy when you are admitted.

Can I change my advance directives?

Yes. You can change your advance directives any time you want by completing a new document.

Can I cancel my advance directives?

Yes. You can cancel your advance directives any time you want. To cancel it you need to tell your physician, family, healthcare representative, nurse, social worker or a reliable witness that you want to cancel your advance directives. You can tell them verbally or send them a letter.

Why is it important to have advance directives?

You may become unable to make your own healthcare decisions because of a serious injury, illness or disease. Your advance directives will let your family and physician know the situations in which you would want or not want to have life-sustaining treatment.  Advance directives will also prevent conflicts among your family, physician or other healthcare providers that can occur when a patient’s treatment preferences are unknown.