There are Power of Attorney documents for business or property decisions, and other Power of Attorney documents specially intended for healthcare decisions.

I take pride in providing the service of drafting Power of Attorney documents  because I know that it will help protect my clients when they are unable to act for themselves.

A Durable Power of Attorney or a Springing Power of Attorney is a written authorization by a grantor to a designated individual to represent or act on the grantor’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. Under a Durable Power of Attorney, the authority of the designated individual to act and make decisions on the grantor’s behalf begins as soon as the document is signed. A Springing Power of Attorney takes effect only after the grantor is incapacitated or some other definite act or circumstance has taken place: the grantor specifies how and when the power “springs” into effect.

A Medical Power of Attorney gives the designated individual the authority to make health-care decisions for the grantor, up to and including terminating care and life support. The grantor can modify or restrict the powers of the designated individual to make end-of-life decisions.

Powers of Attorney do not “survive” the grantor; that is, the authorizations granted in a Power of Attorney are not valid after the grantor’s death.

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